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9th Jibes Beach Volleyball Tournament

9th Jibes Beach Volleyball Tournament

All our events offer excitement, adrenaline and guarantee to give you a great day out but our Beach Volleyball is always a little bit special and this years event didn’t let us down. Teams from both the local area and traveling from some of the major cities in Vietnam. Players skills ranging from well seasoned to complete beginners, the Jibes Beach Volleyball Tournament is a mixing pot bringing fun loving people together to share in a full day of activity, thrills and laughter.

This year we saw a total of 9 teams all eager to prove themselves on the court and hopeful to walk away with one of the top 3 trophies.

The event started with a bang as we saw one of our regular teams ‘Blue Ocean’ take to court number one to face a new team for this year ‘Mia Rhum’, whilst last year’s winners ‘Palmira’ were teamed up against ‘Kon Tum 1’. Although both ‘Blue Ocean’ and ‘Kon Tum 1’ lost their initial games we must lift our hats in respect and appreciation for  the unforgiving determination that we see from our more amateur teams, it all goes to show the inner character of these teams and players.

As the morning games and results proceeded we saw some of the closet victories in the history of the event. The more powerful teams kept their places in the winners brackets whilst the weaker teams were regulated to the lower bracket to carry on their competition against more balanced opponents.

We were also very pleased to see the return of ‘Princess D’an Nam’ after a 2 year break, they made their return to the tournament with pure determination and grit, causing pressure and panic on the teams that assumed they would get to the final without a care.

The morning games came and went with all competitors deserving a traditional Vietnamese lunch of ‘Bun Bo‘ a delicious event all in itself. After a good rest with the more conscientious teams using this time as a valuable opportunity for team practice hoping to catch an edge over the other teams.

The afternoon games started with increasing pressure as we began to see the stronger teams knock out the rest. After a grueling game between ‘Jibes’ and ‘Princess D’an Nam’  it was ‘Princess D’an Nam’ that found itself in the semi final with an eager ‘Palmira’ patiently waiting to see who their opponents would be in the final. Although ‘Princess D’an Am’ gave 110% it still wasn’t enough to conquer the ever powerful ‘Victoria’ team who seemed to have an ever lasting supply of energy as they played to victory under the tropical beach conditions.

The final saw the two favorites face head to head in a very close first match, this game looked like it was going to be a real nail biter with ‘Palmira” locking in the first game.  Due to Victoria already losing one of their games in the tournament, this meant they had to play extra games to make it back up into the winners bracket and fatigue was starting to show in the second game of the final. Although ‘Victoria’ kept ‘Palmira’ on the back foot it was the reigning champions that served the final nail in ‘Vicotoria’s’ coffin. Huge respect to Team ‘Victoria’ whose thirst for the game was unsurpassed. It is with great pleasure and cheers  that we presented the deserving winning team ‘Palmira’ with the 1st place trophy and prizes at the evenings prize giving event.

As is tradition with all our events you don’t have to be on the podium to walk away with a great gift, in our eyes all the competitors are winners in helping to make an unforgettable and enjoyable time for all. It is for this reason we ran a lucky draw with over 40 individual vouchers and gifts. Special thanks goes out to all our sponsors that go to make this event extra special and exciting.

After prize giving was wrapped up for another year so could begin the evening BBQ buffet and free flow of drinks, the ‘Full Moon Village Buffet’ is well known for its vast array of traditional dishes and BBQ’d meats there is no better way to celebrate this event, giving all the chance to refuel their tanks with some of the most delicious food found throughout Vietnam.

Special thanks to all our wonderful sponsors.

The Wharehouse
Marou Chocolate
Mia Rhum
Le Fruite
Dragon Beach Bar
Vicotria Resort
Blue Ocean Resort
Anantara Resort
Sealinks Gold & Country Club
Vinasun Taxi
The Fisherman Show/Old Fishing Village
Maga Market

Hoang Khang Company
Tien Minh Phu
Hung Thinh

Don’t forget to make a note of next year’s Beach Volleyball as this will be our 10th anniversary of this event so expect the extraordinary as we celebrate this fabulous annual event in style: Get training !!!!  4th July 2019

10th Beach Volleyball

08.00am 4th July 2020, courts are ready and refreshments are chilling, it can only mean the start of the 2020 Jibes Suoi Nuoc Beach Volleyball Competition, 10th Edition is about to get underway.

The run up to this years event began with some nerves, concerns were there would not be enough teams to run the event due to the current international situation. Thankfully it didn’t beat us, we started the competition with a total of 6 great teams which meant we had more than enough to get started.

We ran a double elimination meaning each team gets the chance to achieve one loss and still has a chance to keep playing, make it to the final and even win.

Competitors in their usual spirits didn’t hold back and set the bar high from the very start. New teams this year included ‘Notorious D.I.G’  a great Canadian team of teachers coming down from HCMC, ‘Lucky Guys/Yuri Team’ also arrived as a new team little did we know what they had in store for us.

As the first games were played it was obvious that we had some very high level skills and that the 1st place could be any ones.

As the results started to come, teams making it through and others being relegated to the losers brackets, it was time for everyone to give their energy levels a boost care of Full Moon Village restaurant  and Le Fruit who kept everyone at their peak performance by supplying some of their very latest natural juices and energy boosts.

With a whistle blow the games commenced on center court. Not long into the afternoon we saw our first team to be eliminated, round of applause and huge thanks to the Jibes team this year, they gave it all they had and put up a good fight but their time had come to join the spectator line.

Afternoon game play came thick and fast as we started to see more teams being eliminated. It came down to 4 power teams to fight out the final rounds, Palmira 1, Palimra 2, Notorious D.I.G  and Lucky Guys (Yuri Team). Notorious played an amazing game with dedication and high level game play but to a huge round of applause it was time for Notorious D.I.G to take an early shower. Well played Notorious, amazing team and amazing game play. We have a feeling next year they may just make it to the podium.

The ever powerful Lucky Guys (Yuri Team) just wouldn’t give up with Palmira 2 being there next victim. Palmira 2 was a force to be reckoned with but the Lucky Guys managed to shut them down enabling them to lock in a very respectful 3rd place.

Then came the final, Lucky Guys v’s Palmira 1. This was possibly the most exciting final ever based over the last 10 years of the competition.  Both teams were not prepared to accept defeat as the battle commenced. First game locked in a win for Palmira 1 only to have the Lucky Guys snatch it straight back on the next game. With each team confirming  a win the whole competition came down to just one and final game. Lucky Guys played some of the most technical and organized game play, not letting up for 1 second. Unfortunately signs of fatigue were starting to set in and the pressure being brought by Palmira 1 was just too much to take. The final game was won by Palmira 1 by the smallest of margins locking their victory by just a 2 point lead.

After a quick freshen up and a couple of well deserved beers thanks to Black Cats Brewery we were all set to hand out the awards. The beauty of all our events is that you don’t have to be on the podium to receive some amazing prizes from our fantastic sponsors. This year we were blessed with a treasure trove, ranging from hotel vouchers care of Mui Ne HillsVictoriaFull Moon VillageFull Moon BeachIvory FallsPalmira Resort and Vietnam Surf CampingLe Fruit supplied all competitors high energy natural juices throughout the day which for sure gave the teams that extra boost to play to their maximum performance. Black Cats and The Warehouse with great generosity made sure the evening event took off with a bang with some of the best locally brewed craft beer and some of the finest imported wines . The fabulous Blue Ocean once again made sure some lucky winners would be enjoying a beach side seafood buffet as the sun goes down, Tropical Mini Golf gave 3 lucky teams the the opportunity to try their hand and skills with a different sport in one of the most tropical settings in the local area. The very special Sea Links Golf Course gave 4 lucky players the chance to T-off on one of the most beautiful courses in Asia. Dragon Beach made sure not one competitor was left out with there superb drinks vouchers, gave everyone the chance to check out the number one night spot.

Huge thanks to all teams, all spectators and all the amazing sponsors that enable this event to go ahead is such a fun and friendly manner year after year. We hope to see you all again and there is no time like the present to get training, 11th Edition will beheld on the 3rd of July 2021.


The 8th SSS Suoi Nuoc

The 8th SSS Suoi Nuoc

The 8th Sunrise, SUP & Surf Competition.

For 8 years Jibes and Full Moon Village have been running the one and only Surf and SUP competition in Vietnam and we are happy to say 2018 was no exception. Surfers from around the world competed in a number of different surf disciplines resulting in a high level and fun filled competitive day for all.

This year due to weather conditions and local safety regulations there was a slight delay in the waiting period which pushed us into December, a wise decision considering the aggressive weather systems that hit on the pre-planned event days.

This years competition consisted of Men’s Surf, Female Surf and Mixed SUP, we had a great mix of competitors both local and international with a good turn out form Vietnam and Russia. Heats were run in groups of four, seeing two competitors pass through to the second heats whilst two took an early seat to watch the lead riders battle it out.

The events this year started with Men’s surfing with a total of 12 competitors. The morning swell was of a good height with just a little wind giving the early heat competitors some great opportunity to show their personal skills and style.

First heats alternated between Surf 1st heat  Female Surf 1st heat and Mixed SUP 1st Heat, this gave each division similar conditions to compete in although it meant a very hard days work for some competitors entering both surf and SUP events. Veteran rider Joao in particular (1st place SUP 2017) was pushed hard throughout the day with sometimes only a 5 minute rest before he was back out on the water again biting at the heals of his rivals.

As the day drew on the wind picked up making it a challenge for all riders to pull something extra special out of their skill sets which would give them an advantage over the other riders.

The SUP event was extra special this year seeing record breaking numbers entering, all adding to the high level needed to get you through to the next and final heats. At this stage we must show great respect to Maria Stepanetc who battled hard competing against male competitors she eliminated most of the others to get herself into the final of the SUP event. The final SUP event heat saw the top 4 paddling out for their final position (Maria Stepanetc, Dimitry, Joao Vingilio and Pavel Chistyakov).

The women’s surf event was also a great success, although numbers were a little light for sure this year it was about quality over quantity. The girls took the opportunity to show their moves to excited cheers and they did not disappoint. Anna Beze, Maria Whelan and Mila Belyaeva. Scroll down to the final results for an eye opening surprise.

Before we get to the results it is with huge thanks that we must show appreciation for all our wonderful sponsors that made this event possible and adding to the prize pot something to make this event worth entering.

First we would like to thank Quoc Minh (Vietnam’s top board shaper) for giving two beautiful hand shaped boards. If ever you are looking for your very own personalized board including SUPs and Boogie boards you must contact Quoc, his work is out of this world.

Africa Surf Outlet and Ananas Surf Company also kept our winners warm with the latest designs in ponchos caps and special Africa shop outlet vouchers.


Dragon Beach made sure that not one competitor went home empty handed, some great vouchers for the winners as well as vouchers for each and every riders, so the party continued into the late hours in the hottest night spot hangout in Mui Ne.

Cana Nusa Rum and new comer to this event but with a tropical product that compliments all that is surf and beach life style.

Of course big thanks to Sea Links Golf ClubVietnam Surf CampingLIP sunglassesJibes Beach ClubFisherman ShowFull Moon VillageLe Fruit, Hoang Khang and Clean Tech, all throwing some very valuable prizes in to the pot. As is tradition with all our events a lucky draw was held at the end of the prize giving ceremony giving all runners up a opportunity to win a premium gift making this an event never to forget.

Final Results

Mixed SUP

2Pavel Christyakov
3Joao Vingilio
4Maria Stepanetc

Women’s Surf

Incredible win for Mila Blayaeva taking 1st place on the podium and knocking out all her competitors at only 11 year of age, surf world get ready for Mila she goes to make a big splash.

1Mila Blayaeva
2Anna Beze
3Maria Whelan

Men’s Surf

1Tran Minh Viet
2Aleksei Pankey
3Chu Din Thang
4Joao Vingilo